What is a Union Bug?
A union label is often times called a “Union bug”. The Union label grew in popularity in the printing industry as it expanded and became more organized. A union label is printed with the artwork and shows the products were made by union laborers. A non-union shop cannot print any union label. This allows customers to know if the products are union-made or not.

Why do we ask if you want a Union Bug?
Having the Union Label or “Bug” is important for customers that prefer to purchase union-made printing. For example, companies that employ union members will often require any printed items they purchase to be marked with the Union Bug. The union label does not interfere with your image or your message, it is purposely kept relatively small. Because of its miniscule size, the label is commonly referred to as a “Union Bug” because it resembles a small insect on the printed sheet.

The Gloo Factory’s employees belong to the Communication Workers of America, Local 7026. We strive to model pro-labor union values by maintaining a diverse work force, sourcing our materials from union companies, and promoting pro-labor ethics. We feel it is important for workers around the world to have the right to organize and work in safe, dignified workplaces without discrimination. We are proud to offer our union bug on all our products printed at The Gloo Factory.

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