Solidarity/Resistance Symbol Button


In the words of the designer, Joan Calcagno:

“This symbol was created shortly after the November 2016 election out of a desire to have something to wear to connect with others with common values – equality and respect for all and resistance to prejudice and hate.

The symbol reclaims the triangle and some of the colors used by the Nazis to label and identify the undesirables: Light blue: Immigrants; Pink: LGBTQI; Yellow: Jews (and, in this symbol, other religious groups). Other colors were added: brown for all brown people and green for the earth. The Nazis used red for politicals. The big heart and welcoming hands embrace everyone who is not directly represented. While the fist is part of the feminist symbol, it also reflects strength and courage and imbedded in the peace symbol, non-violent resistance.

Thanks to Fez Lab for design assistance.”

Released under a Copyleft License.

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