DouglaPrieta Trabajan (DPT) began in 2003 as a grassroots self-help project in Agua Prieta, Sonora, just across the border from Douglas, Arizona. DPT’s purpose has always been to assist individuals and families in colonias populares, or poor neighborhoods, by developing local capacities for economic self-sufficiency. DPT operates under the belief that we can cultivate community solidarity and self-determination by making local neighborhoods more productive. Today, the centerpiece of our program is a permaculture demonstration site designed to teach families sustainable food production techniques, including gardening, aquaculture, and small livestock raising. We want to reduce the cost of living and at the same time build an ethic of mutual aid among neighbors in order to reduce dependency on weak job markets, government assistance, charity, and border crossing.

DouglaPrieta Works (DPW) is DPT’s U.S. partner, headquartered in Douglas, Arizona. DPW’s mission is to support and promote DPT by raising capital for infrastructure, equipment, and training, and coordinating site visits and volunteer efforts. A dedicated network of supporting organizations and faith-based groups contribute time and talent to our programs.

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