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Current Issues
Why Union? Illustrated booklet

union booklet
An 8-page illustrated guide about the benefits of being a union worker and supporting union businesses. Created and produced by The Gloo Factory.

New Snowden Sticker

snowden graphic
Edward Snowden was an NSA employee who leaked documents about US surveilance programs. Check out this new sticker design we just added to our inventory. 


New Border Stickers

border stickers

With all the buzz around immigration reform, it looks like congress will devote a huge amount of resources to further militarize the border between the United States and Mexico. This will have huge human and environmental costs - which have already been heavy. Show your opposition to further border security and immigration enforcement with some of our latest stickers! 


About Peace Supplies

printing press Peace Supplies is an independent media project based in Tucson, Arizon at the Gloo Factory. We design and create stickers, decals, shirts, patches, and can help you with filling custom orders. We use fair trade, sweat free and environmentally friendly materials as much as possible. We also support a variety of peace, justice and environmental projects in the Southwest and around the country. We hope you enjoy our web site, the artwork and the products!
screen printing
We generally ship all orders the next business day after we receive your order. Orders are shipped via USPS First Class or Priority mail. If we're not able to do that we'll let you know!

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Custom Printing & Sewing
Peace in the Middle East
Middle East Peace

Arizona Immigration Issues
Arizona Immigration

Local Agriculture & Organic Food
Local organic food

Border & Immigration
Border and Immigration